What is Web3 Gifting?

A Web3 gift is registered and tokenized on blockchain along with all of its assets. Eco-friendly Web3 gifts include cryptocurrency coin sets, many types of virtual assets, Game-NFTs, Music-NFTs, virtual real estate, fashion and wearable items, sport and game collectibles, virtual tours and experiences, virtual giveaways and much more. These virtual items can be purchased and transferred through digital wallets.

Today’s consumers crave individualized service from online merchants. Web3 gifting takes personalization to a whole new level. The one-of-a-kind virtual gift is eternally tokenized and registered in the recipient’s name on the blockchain, certifying sole ownership.

The recipient can choose to keep the Web3 gift in a digital wallet and perhaps start a collection of assets, or sell it with a potential profit. In any case, it is undoubtedly a unique and memorable gift that captures the recipient’s attention and conveys a special message of caring and affection.

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