Overview of Our Tech

Giftoin’s advanced technology offers the following innovative functions:

  • The Giftoin platform and its smart contract on the Polygon blockchain register and process all transactions, financial records and royalty distributions.

  • Each Giftoin virtual gift has a unique on-chain address, which contains a bundle of virtual assets such as ERC-20, ERC-721,ERC-1155 and others.

  • The Giftoin platform, its API and smart contracts technology are built to integrate with leading chains and protocols, acting as a standard for the gifting process.

All transactions, financial records and royalty distributions are automatically managed by the Giftoin smart contract on the Polygon and ethereum blockchains. Each Giftoin has a unique on-chain address, which contains the bundle of virtual assets such as crypto coins, and NFTs. These are listed and backed by the Giftoin creator until a buyer purchases the Giftoin from an online merchant.

The Giftoin platform will support the leading chains and act as a bridge to gifts between blockchains. The platform can also use SDK to support unity and solidity developers.

Main Platform Components

The Giftoin platform contains three key components that enable a smooth end-to-end gifting process.

The Creator Studio

The Creator Studio enables a gift creator to create/mint blockchain-based assets and wrap them in virtual wrapping that includes tokenization. The studio handles visual design, pricing, authorization properties, add-ons and more.

The Reseller Catalog

The Giftoin Catalog contains a wide assortment of virtual products where Giftoin resellers can choose items to display in their online stores.

The Giftoin Wallet

Giftoin offers a blockchain-based private wallet that can be accessed using both Web2 and Web3 credentials. Recipients can choose to store their gifted assets in the Giftoin wallet or transfer them to another crypto wallet.

Let’s drill down into the features of each of these user-friendly elements, and see how easy it is to create, sell, wrap and deliver virtual gifts through blockchain.

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