The Reseller Catalog

What is the Reseller Catalog?

Giftoin’s Reseller Catalog features the range of virtual gifts, coin sets and NFTs offered by Giftoin. Using a smart machine learning system, the Giftoin platform will recommend items most likely to sell well, based on the website’s purchasing history or comparisons to similar websites.

How Does the Sales Process Work?

The reseller uploads various Giftoin virtual gifts to their website.

  • A customer buys a Giftoin on the website.

  • After automatically receiving notification about the online purchase, Giftoin transfers authenticated ownership from the creator to the buyer.

  • The Giftoin platform sends the wrapped asset to the recipient’s secure Giftoin wallet within 90 seconds.

Ordering and Shipment

The use of blockchain technology simplifies the process of virtual shipment and provides enhanced transparency, making it a more secure and efficient option for eCommerce store managers.

How does the process work?

  • A customer places an order

  • The order is recorded on blockchain

  • The recipient receives the virtual gift

  • The asset is easily tracked through blockchain

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