The Creator Studio

The creation process in the studio includes several options and processes:

Creation Options

  • The creator can choose items from his digital wallets that he would like to wrap and offer as a gift (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155).

  • The creator can also mint a greeting card or wrapping (as an NFT) from an image or a photograph.

  • The creator may choose to create an unlimited number of virtual gifts.

  • An additional option is to create a bundle that includes NFTs and coins that are registered as a single asset on blockchain.

Gift Wrapping

Following the creation/minting, the studio will obtain a consensus from validators on the Polygoin chain. This process is automatically managed by the Giftoin platform.

  • Once consensus is received, the asset is registered in the creator’s name on the blockchain.

Uploading to the Reseller Catalog

  • Once a virtual gift has been created, it is uploaded to the Giftoin Reseller Catalog.

  • Online merchants choose gifts that they believe will sell well on their websites and upload them, similar to the drop-shipping model.

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